Monday, July 23, 2007

Hosted in Hollywood. . .

by the honorary mayor, Johnny Grant, they even baked me a cake. Carrot cake! My favorite.

Always the gentleman. . .

I offered roses to the lovely TV interview hostess in LA. She in turn, waited for the television cameras to roll and then accused my caretakers of abusing me. Funny, she didn't offer to pick up a shovel or heft a bale of hay for me. She was terribly ungrateful for my allowing her to spend time in my presence. Silly, TV people. I guess they don't get to spend much time around animals or in nature these days.

Cleaning up my act

I enjoyed being pampered by my little friend, Jessica.

Can I see your ID?

In my travels on official business I sometimes had to prove my identity.

Living the life. . .

I loved to go for walks in the woods and scratch on trees.

Remembering the King

Once upon a time I had the great fortune of living, breathing and traveling with a very wise soul.  His stage name was King Tusk.  This is a repository for my fond memories of him.  Any photos or anecdotes anyone has about him are welcomed.  He is greatly missed by many.  Long live the King.